Names of 6 managers of banks dismissed by the Iraqi Prime Minister


The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has appointed new managers in the six governmental banks. Haider Al-Abadi pleased the Head of Iraqi National Intelligence Service and ordered the retirement for the Chief of Iraqi Media Network Abdul Jabbar.

A statement issued from the Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister that the decision was based on the essential requirements according to the national interest in order to the process of continuous and comprehensive reforms implemented by the Iraqi Prime Minister. Point to be noted that Haider Al-Abadi has appointed new managers for the Iraqi Commercial Bank, Rasheed Bank, Rafidain Bank, Iraqi Agricultural Bank and the Iraqi Industrial Bank.


The Iraqi Ministry of Commerce also said that Iraq needs strong institutions and these institutions should be recognized in the world such as in some Arab countries. The Iraqi officials have discussed with the Commission of European Union to support Iraq in Joining the World Trade Organization. The Director General of the Foreign Economic Relations Department in the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce, Hashim Muhammad Hatim said in a press statement that the meeting held between the representatives of Directorate and the Mission of European Union in order to provide aid to Iraq. This aid will be provided according to the agreement between both sides. Hatim further indicated that a number of issues were discussed in the meeting including the Iraqi customs areas and providing technical help to Iraq.

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