Names of Terminated Iraqi Ministers have been leaked out: Authentic Report


The high-level and authentic source has informed that the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has selected names in order to form the “Technocrat’s government”.

He also stressed that this list also contains at least eight ministers from its current cabinet members. The source further added in a press interview that Al-Abadi has selected the Leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, as source disclosed the names, Barham Saleh as the Iraqi Foreign Minister and Jawad as the Interior Minister. He also explained that Iraqi Prime Minister has selected Mustafa Kazmi as the Head of Intelligence Services. He further added that a legal adviser Ahmed Abadi selected as Minister of Justice and Essam Chalabi as Minister of Oil. Al-Abadi selected Lt. Gen. Wafiq Al-Samarri as the Adviser for National Security and Ali Shukri as the Minister of Planning.

The source also pointed out that Al-Abadi is keeping eight ministers from its current cabinet of ministers. He also declared the recommendation of the Committee that is evaluating the current cabinet of ministers. The source has confirmed the termination of nine ministers from the current cabinet including Haider Al-Zamili Minister of Justice, Mohsin Al-Shammari Minister of Water Resources, Tariz Kikhany Minister of Housing & Construction, Adila Hammoud Minister of Health and most important Minister of Foreign Affairs Ibrahim Al-Jaafari. There are some ministers to be changed their designations in the current cabinet including the current Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research. The coalition state of law said on 23rd February 2016 that a committee to be formed by adding intelligent consultants from different ministries in order to help the Iraqi Prime Minister for the selection of a new cabinet of ministers.

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