Nana Saddam Hussein revealed her wish to run for presidency position


The daughter of former regime president Nana Saddam Hussein revealed her desire to run for the Iraqi presidency while revealing her position on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the leader of a coalition of state law Nuri al-Maliki.

“First of all, you call the Iraqi government and not the government of Abbadi because it is not a private company owned by Abadi, an Iraqi person,” said Nana in a press interview for “New Day”, read by Sky Press. To run for the presidency of the government through the elections, regardless of fraud or not, and the objections recorded, but elections that recognized Iraq to become its official representative in international forums.

“My assessment is that it has been successful in confronting the enemies of the Iraqi people by making significant gains in stabilizing Iraq’s sovereignty and preserving its territorial integrity and independence. As for Sunnis in Iraq, the current government inherited a heavy legacy from the government of Nuri al-Maliki with all its security problems And the loss of Iraqi territory and sectarian problems caused by al-Maliki, and is still trying Abadi to overcome these problems or mitigate them. ”

“At first there is no such thing as the army of my father or the army of Saddam Hussein, but this army is known as the brave Iraqi army,” he said. And fought the fiercest wars not in the name of Iraq, but in the name of the Arab nation since ???, and the Iranian war of Iran 1982-1988 defended by this heroic army of the eastern gate of the Arab nation, and therefore I think it is unfair to call it limited to the name of Saddam Hussein’s army, Behind the establishment of an advocacy organization is nothing more than false news circulated by some Biased media for the purpose of Il profiteering them, what are you waiting from your enemies is false accusations, and his one guide opposite Vlazarh to the world as a whole. ”

Saddam’s daughter confirmed that “Gaza Strip is still alive, noting that” the latter is known for his orientation with the Naqshbandi army, and I have not heard that he has become a terrorist who kills his people, and I have been with him a few times in a while, reassuring me and my surroundings.

“I do not have in my political and intellectual dictionary a thing called the Shiites of Iraq and the Sunnis of Iraq, because we are all brothers, and we will not allow labels that external agendas tried to impose on us to differentiate. When I run for president, I will unite with all of them,” Nana said. “I oppose any person who wants to divide Iraq or the model of the provinces. This is a model and calls it a tearing of my ears when I hear one Iraq from the south to the north.”

Which party will you run for? “I have already announced the formation of a party on behalf of the Republican Democratic Party of Iraq, and as head of this party, I will run for my party, which includes all categories and spectrums of the Iraqi people, there is no difference between one person and another where we combine our Iraqi and our love for our country, Sunni and Shiite, all one hand, and this is what I will seek to implement in Iraq if I succeed in the presidential elections, Insha Allah.

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