Naseef said that he will be questioned Jumaili despite your attempts to disrupt


On Monday, The deputy of the coalition of state law, high Nassif, it is continuing to question the Minister of Commerce and Salman Jumaili, despite attempts by former MP Haider Mulla to “disable” the interrogation.

Nassif told a news conference held in the parliament building attended by Sky Press that “there are signatures that she collected and handed over to the parliament earlier against the former MP Haider Mulla for moving parliamentarians in order to withdraw their views from questioning the Minister of Commerce and Salman Jumaili” , Indicating that “Mullah to know what benefit from the defense of corrupt ministers.”

“Al-Mulla came out yesterday on a satellite channel and said that the signatures collected for the questioning of the ministers were fifty forged, at a time when the signatures I collected were 44 signatures and I do not need more because the questioning requires only 25 signatures,” Nassif said. Collect the signatures of 100 deputies within one day if wanted but do not want the number as much as you want to provide the conditions of full interrogation.”

She pointed out that “our words to the prime ministers and the parliament that it is enough to defend the corrupt and enough to leave them steal the public money,” explaining that “what is happening today is similar to what Khalid al-Obeidi during the interrogation of Haidar Mulla said that he sat with him and asked him two billion dinars in return for withdrawal Hanan Interrogated him, which the Fattalawi denied and said she was not aware of it. ”

“We are still in the interrogation and the speaker assured us that the date has not changed and we do not care if we went to the court as Mullah threatened because the signatures are correct, but I am interested in completing the interrogation and holding the spoilers accountable,” Nassif said.

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