Nassif: Haidar al-Mulla is engaged in a “fierce war”


On Thursday, The deputy of the coalition of state law, high Nassif exposed that a fierce war fought by former MP Haider Mulla to prevent the questioning of the Minister of Commerce Salman Jumaili, while appealing to the members of the House of Representatives not to withdraw their signatures for questioning Jumaili.

Nassif said in a statement received by Sky Press that “while appreciating the honorable positions of deputies and deputies who refused to withdraw their signatures for questioning the Minister of Commerce Salman Jumaili and the position of the President of the Council, which set a date for questioning, I invite the rest of the deputies to abide by the oath they swore at To take up their legislative duties as representatives of the people, “calling on them to” take into account the interests of the people and take care of the interest of the people imposes on everyone to strengthen the oversight role of parliament and not bow to any pressure, in the question of questioning ministers and government officials. ”

“As the interrogation approaches, it seems that Mr. Haider Al-Mulla is still engaged in a fierce war to prevent the questioning of the minister,” he said, adding that he finally resorted to the way he was used when he had previously tried to question the Minister of Higher Education Ali al-Adeeb, The signatures that I have collected are genuine and there is no fraud in it, and the signatures he collected to question the writer were in doubt. ”

“I do not need to use this cheap method to falsify a signature, while more than half of the deputies are ready to sign the interrogation request.”

She called on the president of the parliament to “abide by the date of interrogation and to give up the opportunity to those who try to disrupt the supervisory role of the council to achieve personal goals known to all.”

Earlier, MP Alia Nassif confirmed that she would not be interested in the threats of former deputy Haidar al-Mulla that the signatures were forged and would go to court.

Nasif was accused on May 10, 2017, of planning and trade minister Salman Jumaili of trying to “evade” his questioning in the House of Representatives through “protesting Balivadat.”

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