National Alliance Declared Their Full Support for Vice-President Post



On Monday, the National Alliance has confirmed their complete support for the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi to stabilize his government and currently implemented salary reforms package. A member of the National Alliance Hassan Khalati issued a statement in a press interview that the National Alliance has its full support for the government of Haider Al Abadi as the Iraqi Prime Minister.

There is not any kind of withdrawal from Parliamentary mandate of confidence, or activation of any kind of movement to demolish the government of current Iraqi Prime Minister. Haider Al Abadi is working very hard to stabilize the Iraqi economy by implementing reforms packages and each of the reforms package is being implemented under the Iraqi constitution. These reforms package have its own importance and power because the House of Representatives had voted on it and House of Representatives also considered a supreme authority.

Point to be noted that in the case of withdrawal the vote of confidence against Haider Al Abadi, the House of Representatives needs a new resolution and then Abadi should take again the vote of confidence from the House of Representatives. It is important that the Khalati is considered the only person who endorsed a message about the lack of consultation and exploitation of decisions regarding the implementation of reforms packages in the country such as current implementation of reforms package for salary pay scale.

He stressed that House of Representatives should vote for the posts of Vice-Presidents because this issue is generating new debates and increasing the non-satisfaction in the Iraqi political blocs. He stressed that there should be at least one Vice-President to assist the Iraqi President because the Iraqi President belongs to Kurdistan region and they can get benefit from this point of view. He ensured that National Alliance is taking keen interest to resolve this issue because it can reflect a negative impact on the morale of the Iraqi security forces, Peshmerga fighters and popular crowed because they are tied up in the war against terrorism and Daash.

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