National Alliance warned Iraqi Government not to deploy U.S troops in Iraq: Al-Murshadi


MP of the National Alliance Ali Al-Murshadi has warned the Iraqi government regarding the permission of the U.S Special Forces in Iraq.

He said in his statement that National Alliance has warned the Iraqi government about the permission for the deployment of U.S troops in Iraqi cities. He added that Iraq is fighting against terrorism and the United States blessed the entry of Daash organization. He said that Washington has not yet implemented the mechanisms of the agreement of security in Iraq and it is essential to protect the Iraqi people by implementing perfect mechanisms to stabilize and secure Iraqi territory. Al-Murshadi added in his statement that National Alliance has called all the Iraqi political blocs to come at a combine platform against the presence of U.S troops in the country.

He said that Iraqi security forces are fighting against Daash organization and other terrorist groups in the country and there is no need for more foreign troops including U.S armed forces. The U.S Department of Defense “Pentagon” announced on 3rd February 2016 that the United States has planned an increase in the U.S Special Armed Forces in Iraq, expectedly more than 3,800 soldiers in order to strengthen the program of training and assistance to Iraqi Security Forces against Daash and other terrorist groups in the country. The United States had confirmed that these U.S troops would not involve directly. The U.S Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter announced on 22nd January 2016 that the U.S has planned for the deployment of ground forces in Iraq and Syria in the fight against Daash and IS terrorists.

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