National Bloc will not attend Sunday session of Iraqi Parliament


The Iraq News Network has announced that the Iraqi National Bloc headed by Iyad Allawi has rejected the invitation and refused to participate in the Sunday session of Iraqi Parliament.

The spokesman of National Bloc issued a press statement on Saturday that the National Bloc has decided not to attend the meeting session of the Iraqi House of Representatives called on Sunday. He further added that National Bloc will attend any session of Iraqi House of Representative, but we reject the presidency of Salim Al-Jubouri.

Allawi & Jubouri

The spokesman further indicated that our participation to attend the Front reform process is linked to the confirmation the prestige of the law making branch of the Iraqi Federal Court. He pointed out that Front reforms will include the decisions of the Iraqi Federal Court. He added that we will to participate in any session of Iraqi parliament under the chairmanship of Salim Al-Jubouri, so his termaination has been considered that most essential part of the administrative reforms.

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