National Guard Law and its Importance for Iraqi People


National Guard Law

The National Guard Law has its own importance and a complete set of this law has been forwarded to the parliamentary blocs including a proposal to change draft law and the participation for all the Iraqi people. The MP of the National Alliance Radi issued a press statement that our political blocs has failed to find a general agreement to pass the National Guard Law and it was sent back to the government in order to make further changes. He also pointed out that a large number of Iraqi political blocs are agree and supposed to change the draft law.

The National Guard Law has been considered as the biggest segment which will provide a large number of benefits to the Iraqi people. He further added that Iraqi political blocs purposed that it should be according to the Iraqi Federal Court Act after showing the names of the court members. They are hoping that it would be forwarded to the House of Representatives for voting very soon. It is also indicated that Iraqi House of Representatives has made it official to the law parties. A joint committee has formed by the Council of Ministers and House of Representatives to reconsider the broken laws that have not yet been presented in the House of Representatives, but they are agreeing to sustain these laws in the Iraqi House of Representatives.

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