New Boeing Airplanes Regulate Iraqi Airways Fleet


The Iraqi Ministry of Transport announced that it will receive from the beginning of next July aircraft of the new generation of the “Boeing 737”.

“The Iraqi pilots will lead the new aircraft from their factories to Baghdad, in the completion of the first in the history of Iraq,” said Iraqi Transport Minister Kazem Fangan al-Hamami from Baghdad airport.

“The Boeing aircraft contracted by the General Company of Iraqi Airways of the new generation will arrive in July, and then will arrive the second meal in August next, to join the fleet of Iraqi Airways.”

“The Boeing 737s can accommodate 162 passengers and up to 5,440 kilometers,” he said. But he did not say how many planes Iraq had contracted.

“Al-Hamami said that” Iraqi Airways will for the first time in its history to pay the amounts of new aircraft without reference to the bank. “

He stressed that “Iraqi expertise and capabilities, owned by Iraqi Airways, are able to assume the responsibility entrusted to them to improve the reality of services provided to passengers, which requires efforts.

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