New Iraqi Cabinet of Ministers will be announced on 12th April 2016: Al-Jubouri


On Monday, the House of Representatives has announced that new Iraqi cabinet will be discussed today in the Iraqi Parliament, a list of competent committee members and the final position will be awarded to the candidates.

The Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Salim Al-Jubouri confirmed in the morning that next session will take place on next Tuesday after finalizing the names of candidates. Our source further added that Iraqi House of Representatives discussed regarding the reshuffle of Iraqi cabinet by suggesting the names of candidates for 23 ministerial posts. He added that each of the candidates will be selected according the capabilities. He pointed out that Iraqi Council of Ministers has re-announced its dedication and commitment for the entire change in the cabinet and implementation of reforms. He added that a commitment made today by Iraqi Parliamentary committees in order to allocate the final positions of the supposed candidates.

Speaker of Iraqi Parliament

Al-Jubouri said that all the positions will be allocated after an overview on the biographies of all suggested candidates for posts of ministers. Our source confirmed that the Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Salim Al-Jubouri adjourned the meeting session until next Tuesday 12th April 2016. Al-Jubouri further added that if they will be able to finalize the names of candidates for the new Iraqi ministers of Iraqi cabinet before 12th April 2016, then the Presidency of the Council of Ministers can also made a call for an urgent session in order to vote on it. He pointed out that discussion on three laws and settlement on two agreements were made today in the 23rd regular session in the 2nd legislative term in the presence of 245 deputies.

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