New Law in the U.S Congress to Sue Saudi Government


On Monday, an independent British newspaper reported that the Congress of the United States is looking to present a new law. This law will be presented to allow families of the fatalities of September 2001 terrorist attacks to file a suit against Saudi Arabia in order to get reimbursement for purportedly being connected to those attacks.

The newspaper further added that a large number of people in the United States are demanding to disclose the secret and confidential files regarding the connections of Saudi government with those attacks. Most of the international political experts indicated that it would spark a diplomatic war between two countries, these confidential files consists of 28 sheets. The newspaper said that these files would be the key elements to start a new series of disputes between Saudi Arabia and the United States.

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The U.S Congress is committed to present and approve this new law, which would allow the affected families of 9/11 attacks in the United States to sue against the Saudi government to compensate them. Point to be noted that the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia threatened the United States last week and said that Saudi government is looking to withdraw its assets in the United States in case of approval the new law against Saudi Arabia. The U.S President Barack Obama arrived in Riyadh to discuss with the Saudi government regarding the issues. It is important that the U.S Administration showing its fear due to expected withdrawal of Saudi assets in the United States because it will cause significant collapse in the U.S economy.

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