New List of Ministers for New Iraqi Cabinet finalized


Our authentic source informed that Iraqi political blocs have finalized the list of new candidates for the new Iraqi cabinet of ministers. The source further added that here are some of the new candidates of Iraqi cabinet.

Muhammad Ali Hakim has nominated for the post of Iraqi Foreign Minister, he is the former Iraqi representative in the United Nations. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari has nominated for the post of Iraqi Oil Minister, but he is also a candidate for Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, so Abdul Jabbar is also nominated for the candidate of the post of Iraqi Oil Minister. Fadel Abdul Nabi has nominated for the post of Iraqi Finance Minister (from Kurdish Region). Ghazi Al-Gaood has nominated for the post of Iraqi Agriculture Minister, he is nominated by the Union of forces of Anbar province. Falah Hassan Zaidan was the Minister of Agriculture. Riad Ghraib has nominated for the post of Iraqi Ministry of Construction and Housing and he was nominated by the Coalition State of Law.

New cabinet

Our source also added that there was a heavy political pressure regarding the change of Iraqi Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obaidi and Iraqi Interior Minister Muhammad Ghaban , but Iraqi government refused the pressure of “Sadrist Movement” to change Iraqi Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obaidi. Point to be noted that this is not a final list, but final list will be presented by the Haider Al-Obaidi. It is important that three Iraqi presidencies arranged a number of meetings with the leaders of Iraqi Political Blocs at the presidency headquarters in order to discuss and resolve the issue of reshuffle in the Iraqi cabinet of ministers. He added that dead line will be finished on Tuesday 12th April 2016 and final list of new ministers should be submitted in time.

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