Nima: Splits of the Supreme Council will not affect the National Alliance


On Friday, MP of the coalition of state law Awatif blessing, that the splits and divisions that took place within the Supreme Council a few days ago will not affect the work and performance of the National Alliance in the next stage

Nima said that “splits within the Supreme Council will have no impact on the National Alliance because all the blocs are included under the umbrella of the coalition, including the new stream of wisdom, indicating that members of the stream of wisdom are from within the Supreme Council and there is no change in members.”

She added that “what happened in the announcement of the stream of wisdom just a change of names and some faces in order to change the convictions of the street and its public base after it lost confidence in the Supreme Council so it launched that new label, noting that the next phase will witness a change to some of the faces that are currently within the political process.

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