Ninevah Province is under Control Now: Iraq Security Forces


The Ninevah Liberation Operation that was launched four months ago is now in the completion phase. The security forces of Iraq claim to have almost fully control over the province now. The Qayyarah Air Base was the key strategic position for militants as well as for security forces.

The security force announced yesterday that the air base is fully under control of Iraqi government controlled forces and militants are now retreated to the Mosul. The province has key position for its war strategic location.  It is located to the northern side of the Mosul and a major attack can be conducted on the city from this location. The air base is 37km in the north of Mosul and the best location for coalition forces to manage air strikes on Mosul.

The key fighting positions of the militants in the Mosul can be easily tracked and attacked by the coalition forces from this location. The operation was started in March to regain this provinces and a severe resistance in the Al Nasr village was seen by the ISIS militants against security forces of Iraq. At the final end, the security forces defeated militants with the help of coalition forces air strikes in the village. Hundreds of militants were killed in the village and many of them were arrested.

Security Forces

The security forces controlled the situation by making an alliance with the Sunni tribal areas to assist security forces against ISIS. The logistic support provided by these tribes was key turning point for Iraq security forces and finally ISIS militants were retreated in the village. Later on, a few encounters were seen in different villages and cities of the province and security forces cleared the whole area by making slow but steady progress.

Gen. Firas Bashir, head of the media relationship said the position will play a vital role to regain the control of Mosul in next few days. The security forces of Iraq so confident that the war will not take too much time and the city will be under the control of Iraq government. The Qayyarah air base will be a central point for all operational layers of Iraq security forces. The base will be used for air strikes, training the forces of Iraq. It will provide the major logistic support for the security forces fighting for Mosul in the next few days.

The major concern for Iraq and its security forces is the IDPs. Iraq will have to handle the critical situation for internally displaced people in the country. Different camp cities are made for IDPs but they are not enough to handle the refugees coming from this province to the camp cities.

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