No death certificates have been handed to more than 1,000 martyrs


On Monday, Deputy National Alliance MP Amal Attia revealed new details about the massacre of Spyker, committed by terrorist gangs, stressing the need to document the crime of the United Nations and the fight against international terrorism as a crime against humanity.

Attiya said in a statement received by “Sky Press”, “The number of victims of Spyker reached 2037 martyrs, but the death certificate was issued for only 668 in all provinces and the rest did not spend for them and the number of 1369 martyrs,” indicating that “the number of victims of Spyker residents of the province of Dhi Qar They reached more than 420 martyrs and the number of those who received a pension amounted to 420 martyrs among those who received a pension of 500 thousand dinars.”

“The necessity of paying a 10 million dinar grant to the families of the martyrs and missing persons without delay or procrastination, documenting the crime of the United Nations and combating international terrorism and considering it a crime against humanity and the release of the unmarried missing persons in the General Directorate of Minors in Baghdad, Alive”.

And stressed the “need to hold accountable the criminals who carried out mass executions against our children and the accountability of the underprivileged officers and Inclusion of the victims of Spyker within the law of the institution of the martyrs of paragraph 57 and the calculation of missing persons within the law of military service and retirement and the application of Article 49 and Inclusion of the victims of Spyker similar to other martyrs and inclusiveness distinct pieces.

She pointed out that “the need to expedite the digging of mass graves and the removal of the remains of the missing and accelerate the analysis of the remains of martyrs in the forensic medicine, which number 200 remains and not handed over to their families.”

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