Noori Al-Maliki at the top 156 names involved in Money-Laundering: U.S Treasury


The U.S Treasury Department handed over a list of 156 names to the Iraqi government. These Iraqi identities are allegedly at senior positions in Iraq and they are involved in money-laundering operations.

Our authenticated source confirmed that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has formed a joint committee by adding a number of experienced military and security personals in order to monitor and detect money-laundering operations and all its elements. Those elements should be arrested and bring them to justice.

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The statement further indicated that there are a number of special investigation teams are working to gather more information about those elements. The statement said that there are a number of Iraqi politicians and senior government official that are involved in looting public money by smuggling and money laundering operations. Our source indicated that former Iraqi Prime Minister is at the top of the list that is involved in transferring public money illegally to other countries. Most important names include Noori Al-Maliki, Ahmed Khalaf Abdul Samad, Saleh Abdul Razzaq, Iraqi political leaders and top level Iraqi government officials. Some legal experts believe that Iraqi government should execute reform process capture those corrupt elements, get back looted amount and put them behind the bars.

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