Now Deputy Prime Minister Should Resign Voluntarily: Al Obaidi


The MP for the National Coalition Jameela Al Obaidi stressed that Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister and the General Commander of Iraqi Armed Forces Saleh Al Mutlaq should resign immediately from his Prime Minister’s post.

He is unable to take immediate and quick decisions, and showing a lack of interest in performing his major responsibilities. Al Obaidi also said that Saleh Al Mutlaq should give a quick response in any incident happened against the sovereignty of the country. She said that Iraqi government is currently suffering from a significant amount of uncertainty and unavailability of sense of accountability. The Iraqi government has failed to protect Iraqi citizens due to wrong decisions and worthless policies taken by Haider Al Abadi.

Jameela Al Obaidi further added that today an unfortunate incident happened when Turkish Armed Forces arrogated the Iraqi territory. The Turkish officials said that these Turkish forces have been deployed to train Iraqi security forces. But at the other hand, the Iraqi Prime Minister denied that Iraqi government didn’t ask for any kind of Turkish ground troops for Iraq. Al Obaidi said that this incident is indicating the weakness in the decisions of Saleh Al Mutlaq given to Iraqi government. She said that it is important that how Turkish Armed forces became frank and daring as they are not allowed or asked for support and provide help to Iraq.

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