Nujaifi fears Mosul and calls for “declaration of state of emergency” after liberation


Former governor of Nineveh province, Athil Nujaifi, called on Wednesday to declare a state of emergency in the province after its liberation, in order to enable the Prime Minister to manage liberated areas.

Al-Nujaifi said in a statement received by “Sky Press” that “Mosul needs in the post-liberation period and until the situation is stabilized and the holding of new elections there, that the Presidency of the Republic and the Prime Minister, according to Article (61) – IX of the Iraqi Constitution, The House of Representatives to declare a state of emergency includes the powers needed by the Prime Minister to manage the liberated areas, including the appointment of temporary civil administrations with exceptional powers that are alternative to local governments helpless.

He added, “As well as exceptional powers related to the revitalization of economic life and investigative powers that would accelerate the resolution of the most serious crimes on the security of society and not to engage in secondary issues.”

“Administrative powers go beyond the routine contexts of service ministries,” he said. “All this takes place under the constitution and prevents the negative results of individual judgments.”

However, Nujaifi said, “This may need to allocate funds and facilitate the work of donors and civil society organizations and investment facilities in some sectors to ensure the rapid delivery of services and management of economic wheel,” explaining that “To reach a better reality, the two presidents (the Republic and the Council of Ministers) The areas liberated to provide integrated studies of the most important challenges and proposals for solutions and away from orphan ideas and individual or personal proposals.

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