Obama has planned to close Guantanamo Bay in Cuba: White House



The White House chief of staff Dennis McDonough issued a statement that the U.S President Barak Obama is strong on his statement and confirmed to close the Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

Dennis McDonough delivered his words in a press statement and said that the U.S President is ready to present his first plan because it took a considerable amount of time in the Congress regarding its approval. He also added that if the Congress would be unable to define the move then White House Administration would take immediate and necessary actions. Barak Obama guaranteed during his last election campaign in 2008 as he promised to close the military prison. It would be implemented for those that are being captured after 11th September 2001 attacks on the United States against charges of the foreign terrorism issues.

It is one of those guarantees which Barak Obama has not yet executed and it was always in the queue in his State of the Union since he was elected in the annual election. Barak Obama said that terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda utilizing the prisons as a propaganda element in order to recruit new terrorist elements in their group and maintaining or filtering these kinds of activities are too expensive. It is important that there are still 104 prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. The Obama administration has shifted a number of prisoners to their specific countries. But, he confirmed that the U.S prisons would retain a number of prisoners due to the U.S national security. The Congress also prevented to transfer those key prisoners and to lock them inside the U.S prisons.

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