Office of Al-Abadi denied Secret Alliance of Iran and United States


On Friday, the media office of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi issued a press statement regarding some reports and denied all such kinds of reports on behalf of the Iraqi Prime Minister. The reports indicated that Iran and the United States are acting as a silent alliance to support the government of Al-Abadi.

The media office of Iraqi Prime Minister confirmed in its statement that there is not anyone representing the Iraqi Prime Minister or the office of Prime Minister. Only official media channels should be considered the real news outlet regarding any kind of official statement of Al-Abadi. The other reports or persons should be considered rumors that are spreading wrong and incorrect news. The spokesman of the office of Iraqi Prime Minister added that a large number of experts and rumors are expressing their personal opinions and they don’t have any kind of direct relationship with the office of Iraqi Prime Minister.

U.S & Iran support for Abadi

The reports indicated that the United States and Iran are acting as hidden allies in order to support Haider Al-Abadi. It is important that Iraqi government is experiencing a very tough time because Iraqi economic, financial, and political and security issues are the major challenges. He added that corruption always been considered a major challenge and Al-Abadi is much dedicated to implement reforms in order to capture the corrupt elements and bring back smuggled Iraqi money. He stressed that a large number of current and former Iraqi officials involved in Money Laundering and Al-Abadi is dedicated to form a corruption-free Iraqi Cabinet to secure Iraqi future.

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