Oil & Gas Law should be approved as soon as possible: Kurdish legislator


Abdul Bari Zebari

A deputy for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Abdul Bari Zebari stressed that Iraqi Federal Council and Iraqi House of Representatives should immediately approve the legal bill of oil and gas for the current year 2016.

Zebari further added in his press interview that the approval of oil and gas (HCL) law should be at the top in the priority list 2016 in the Iraqi House of Representatives. He added that most of the issues are being raised due to the delay of its approval and the situation can be more critical in the coming days with further delay of its approval. Zebari said that there are many other laws at the Federal Council but this law has its own importance, because the Iraqi constitution requires new law of oil and gas. The first parliamentary session agreed on the formation of this new law, but we are now at the 3rd parliamentary session and it is still not approved.

The further added that the Iraqi Federal Council guaranteed and a large number of members in the House of Representatives were agreed on the new bill of oil and gas. So, it should be approved without further delay because majority was agreed to impose this new law. The Iraqi parliamentary oil and energy commission said on 30th June 2015 that oil and gas law is still pending and still in the hands of Iraqi government. A member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Commission on oil and energy Razaq Mahabs also said on 13th October 2015 that commission is drafting a new project of oil and gas, but it has delayed in sending this new law in the Iraqi House of Representatives.

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