Omar Shishani Killed in US Air Strike


An online source and a militant group indicate that top ISIS commander Omar Shishani was killed in US air strike. The spokes man of ISIS has also confirmed the death of Omar while he was taking part in day to day military campaign on Mosul.

ISIS is facing difficult time in Mosul these days because of US air strikes and fight against Iraq security agencies. In this critical situation, the loss of an important a significant commander is the big damage to ISIS military campaign in Mosul. The air strike strategies of US armed forces have changed the fighting strategy of militants in the Mosul. They are now in the difficult state to face two types of war.

Mosul is the last city under the direct control of ISIS. Most of other areas are now clear according to Iraq security forces. Severe encounters are seen in the city for last couple of weeks to regain the city control by Iraq security forces. According to Al Jazeera, Iraq security forces will have to do much to regain the control of city because ISIS is now too strong in the city. The Pentagon is considering the death of Omar as a hammer on the military activities of ISIS in Iraq especially in Mosul. Contrary to other people, the Washington DC is not fully satisfied with the death of Omar.

Omar Shishani Killed

They consider it as small development against militants. The continuous increase in the total number of militants in Mosul is basic headache for Iraq and for Allied Forces fighting for Iraq. The Ackerman, the representative of Al Jazeera in Washington DC said the authorities believe breaking the system of ISIS is the major challenge for security forces instead of celebrating on a single militant death. The Iraq security forces unable to regain the control of Mosul even with the help of air strikes launched by US forces.

The date and time of Omar’s death is not conformed. The security forces and militants are not giving exact date or time for the death of Shishani. The US security forces claims the death of Shishani in early march 2016. The security forces sources indicate that Omar was killed in Mosul by air strike launched by US forces in March. However, the death remained secrete for few months to keep state the militant activities by ISIS.

After confirmation from authentic sources, the militants announced at their website that Omar Shishani is no longer among us. He was killed in Mosul in militant activities by air strike. The Omar Shishani was a noble name in militants and all of major militant activities were being controlled by him in the city.

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