Only Haider Al-Abadi and Salim Al-Jubouri can finish current Political Crisis: Chihod


The MP of the State of Law coalition Muhammad Chihod issued a press statement and blamed that some people said that former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki was behind the generation of “fabricated crises” and pushing the country into more critical condition.

He denied this allegation and said that Al-Maliki and his allies don’t need to destabilize the current government, but they have demanded to immediately submit resignations of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi and the Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Saim Al-Jubouri. MP Chihod further added in his press statement that the Iraqi political process showed an entire downturn of the lawmaking and executive reforms. He indicated that the Council of Ministers is still unable to complete the quorum, so no positive activity took place in the House of Representatives due to lack of quorum.

Chihod blamed abadi and jobouri

He further added in his statement that this result was generated due to the major policies adopted by the government of Haider Al-Abadi and the Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Salim Al-Jubouri. He further explained that the policy of Nuri Al-Maliki generated crises, but Iraqi government is still unable to resolve the current crises. This situation pushed the country into more critical crises and dangerous issues. He called the Head of Iraqi government and the Head of Iraqi Parliament that current political crisis should be resolved as soon as possible because this situation is not in the favor of Iraqi people. it is important that the presidency of Iraqi Council of Ministers decided to postpone the Sunday session until further notice.

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