Our Massive Response would be Satellite Nuclear Option: Russia



The Russian Chief of Staff for Satellite Air Force and Deputy Force Commander, Gen. Pavel Kurathenko issued a statement that Russian response would be nuclear targeted operation against any offensive attack.

Gen. Pavel Kurathenko delivered his words in the technical scientific conference took place in the Russian capital Moscow. He said that development in satellite group forces is to promote the defense space in the orbit with a number of qualities is one of our top priorities. He also indicated that implementation of application for the developments of satellite forces in order to achieve the targets have been planned by the year 2021.

Kurathenko further added that it would provide us the capacity of the poll system and alarm to make certain acknowledgment of immediate warnings regarding any kind of space or air attack. It will allow us to take quick decision for response also using strategic response by nuclear forces. He further added that we are much focusing to defend Russian air space effectively to dishearten our enemies for any kind of offensive attack. He also stressed that unavailability of effective defense system would suffer considerably in the war against terrorism. The efficient defense system needs guarantee for offensive and defensive mechanisms. He added that our air space driving forces are working efficiently to empower the elements for the management of striking system.

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