Parliament will discuss the Chemical Attacks by Daash and Voting on Anesthesia Law on Thursday


The Iraqi House of Representatives will discuss a number of major issues in a session on Thursday 17th March 2016 including the condition of Taza region in the province of Kirkuk that was badly affected due to chemical attacks by terrorist groups and Daash organization.

The information office of the Iraqi House of Representatives issued a press statement on Wednesday 16th March 2016 that Iraqi Parliament will discuss the current situation in Taza region, Kirkuk province and voting in tomorrow’s session regarding the project to encourage doctors for anesthesia law, and discuss the final report for the first draft amendment in the law number 51 for the year 2000, in order to regulate the commercial agency.

The statement further indicated that Iraqi Parliament will discuss the report for the draft law for the development in the Islamic Bank Act. This draft includes the “Istisna” and ratification on agency draft law, and Istisna agreement between the Islamic development Bank and the Iraqi government. They will also discuss on the draft law managed for foreigners and its report. The Agreement Act for international regulations in order to prevent clash at sea will also be discussed in this special session.

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