Parliamentary Committee would Pass An Amnesty Law Very Soon


Government of Iraq

The Iraqi House of Representatives is supposedly forming a new law with some extraordinary struggles to pass fire-eating the amnesty law.

In spite of the satisfaction of all political blocs on making new law as soon as possible. It is important the persons would not be able to get benefits by the new law those are involved in drugs and human trafficking, terrorism, money laundering and smuggling. Some of the differences in the categories are still to be solved. Some parties are suggesting including broader segments in the amendments and some of them struggling to reduce the exceptions. This law was in the waiting list for years due to the lack of unite visions, but now parties have been reached on reasonable formula among the political blocs.

A member of the Parliamentary Defense and Security Committee and MP from the Liberal bloc Majid Gharrawi was considered a supporter to make changes in the General Amnesty Law. It is important that it includes releasing innocent Iraqi people with the exception of blood of Iraqis on his hands. The persons belong to Al Qaeda, ISIS, terrorist of Daash and other militant groups will not be added in the exception list. Gharrawi further added that there are a large number of people in the American prisons need help. The deputy Messenger from the Liberal Bloc Radi said in his statement that the person involved in killing of innocent Iraqi people, smuggling and money laundering would not be able in getting benefits by this new amnesty law.

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