Parliamentary Security warns of new attacks on embassies


On Tuesday, A member of the parliamentary security committee Iskandar and Tut warned of repeated targeting of Iraqi embassies in countries around the world, calling on the government to work on security coordination with countries that contain Iraqi embassies to protect them.

“The terrorist targeting of the Iraqi Embassy in Kabul is a reminder of the recurrence of similar attacks in other countries,” Woott said, noting that “a staggering loss in Iraq is different from the loss in other areas, where it was completely crushed and in a way that broke its back, Organization in the countries of the world to take revenge. ”

“The attacks may not depend on our embassies in countries of the world, and may affect the military, cultural and health attaches,” he said, calling on the government to “work and create high-level security coordination, to protect Iraqi embassies and diplomats abroad.”

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