Perfect time to Buy Iraqi Dinar Currency: Experts


On Wednesday, the Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee issued a statement that new operations have been started to manipulate prices of the U.S dollar and blamed that money exchange companies and banks.

It was said that these operations will put the money of loans into the pockets of mafia. Most of the economists stressed that these loans would decrease the U.S dollar exchange rate due to it would generate employment and a significant increase in the production sectors. A member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee Majida Al-Tamimi said in a press interview that the exchange rate of the U.S dollar will be decreased. He added that previous unexpected rise in the U.S dollar price were due to many internal and external factors.

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation

Point to be noted that monetary policy and the auction sales of foreign currency at CBI are affecting the U.S dollar exchange rate. She added that Iraqi Central Bank has decided to implement some conditions on the money exchange companies and banks that don’t sell the U.S dollars at defined official exchange rate. She said that a number of exchange companies are selling the U.S dollars at more than its defined official price. Point to be noted that Iraqi Dinar Gurus have predicted that it is a perfect time to Buy Iraqi Dinar because the current situation is showing a clear sign toward Iraqi Dinar Revaluation. Most of the currency investors are also showing their interest in the Iraqi Dinar currency investment. So, it would be a wise decision not to Sell Iraqi Dinar because Iraqi dinar currency will move positively in coming days and the Iraqi dinar exchange rate will be strong against the U.S dollar.

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