Peshmerga to Kill Over 700 ISIS Militants in Khalidiya Island


The Mosul operation is in its full swing. Peshmerga of Kurdistan and Iraq security forces are considering this war as the last war against ISIS. Therefore they are so committed and fighting with the devotion. Iraq has started so many operations to support the grand operation in Mosul against ISIS. The security forces of Iraq are backed by coalition forces that pave the way for ground forces to make advancements.

The adjoining operation launched by security forces of Iraq against ISIS in the Anbar province is providing very good results. According to recent media reports more than 700 ISIS militants were killed in the war against Peshmerga in the province. The operation against ISIS is started two week ago by the security forces to support grand operation in Mosul.

A deadly encounter was seen in the Khalidiya Island between security forces of Iraq and ISIS militants. The militants here had to face huge lose and several militants were killed by forces in the Island. The death of 700 militants at a time is the biggest loss of ISIS in Iraq. They are already few in the number now according to different military analysts. They are just fighting for their lives now because they know there is no way to escape in the country. They are surrounded by security forces of Iraq, Peshmerga of Kurdistan, Coalition forces and Militia of Iran.

Saudi General Killed

The total number of ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq was over 60,000 in the beginning that is only 15000 militants in Iraq now. It is consider that over 45000 fighters are killed by coalition forces and Iraq forces in the region. They are handful in the region and trying to escape in the nearby regions. The security forces of Iraq have increased the security on the border areas of Iraq and Syria to monitor the movement of militants on the border.

Almost all the fighters are now gathered at Mosul and preparing for final battle with the security forces. As the Mosul operation is on its final stage, a discussion has started in the United States of America. The military analysts of America consider that United States is helping Iran while fighting in the Iraq. Iraq is making future alliance with Iran and their 100,000 soldiers are fighting in the Iraq against ISIS. The Iran is backed by Russian forces in the region that is so dangerous for United States of America.

The Defense analysts believe that strategy of US forces is wrong in the region. They need to leave the region and let ISIS and Iran fight each other and kill each other because both of them are enemies of United States.

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