Political agendas behind the sending of money smuggled to the docks in Nineveh


The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee on Tuesday revealed agendas belonging to political parties behind the sending of money smuggled from Baghdad to members of the terrorist organization “Da’aish” in Nineveh.

“There is a clear failure by the Iraqi financial institutions and the intelligence services to track the movement of money that was going from Baghdad to Erbil and then the areas under the control of Daed in Nineveh where the smuggled money reached,” the governor of al-Zamili told Sky News. Millions of dollars, “noting that” the organization of Dahesh also used the transfer of funds on behalf of organizations carrying human dimension to cover and remove suspicions. ”

He added that “there are agendas follow political parties may have interests in sending funds to the preacher,” noting that “the responsibility rests with the government in determining who sent these funds and despite the complexity of the financial support must stop these organizations and reduce them through the devices Intelligence.”

The official Russian newspaper Sputnik revealed that the organization “Dahesh” millions of dollars a day through the transfer of funds from Baghdad to Mosul through several routes in Erbil and Gaziantep Turkish to support the terrorist organization and follow complex ways to prevent tracking the movement of these funds.

On July 10, the Prime Minister of the Armed Forces, General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi announced the liberation of the city of Mosul from the control of the terrorist organization “Da’aish” completely after nine months of continuous fighting.


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