Political analyst: Abadi’s statements “incomprehensible” and security services “failed”


Political analyst

Political analyst Abbas al-Jubouri said on Wednesday that the security forces of all types failed after repeated bombings in Baghdad, indicating that the statements of Prime Minister Haider Abadi on the controls are not understood.

Al-Jubouri told that “the more victories are achieved against Daa’esh, the greater the explosions in the cities.” He pointed out that “the imbalance is due to the” failed “security plan followed by the regime, where repeated explosions and found no deterrent but the congestion.

“The government should put in place a long-term strategic plan to protect the citizen,” he said, adding that “statements by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the car bomb that targeted the Karrada district of central Baghdad was coming from the place despite these controls and guarding prompts us to ask” How was this done? Are all intelligence plans failed?

“There are seven bodies responsible for security in Baghdad, but not for them,” he said, calling for “intensified intelligence efforts and the detection of sleeper cells, we are now in real horror of the lack of safety.”


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