Polluting the Tigris River a War Strategy?


There are so many surprising things that ISIS is doing for the last couple of days. They are surprising and confusing as well. Most of the experts are keeping close eye on those things. They know ISIS is fighting for their lives and there not a single things they are doing purposeless.

The experts believe that all of these things can be the war strategies or they are distracting the security forces of Iraq to complete their major war strategy against security forces and civilians of Iraq and Kurdistan. The militants of ISIS have polluted the Tigris River of Iraq located about 30 miles south of Mosul with the crude oil. The militants threw two pipes of oil in the river and opened the oil to pollute the river.

You must keep in your mind that Tagris River is near Qayyara airbase that is so important area keeping r strategies in the mind. The ISIS militants were defeated in the region by the security forces with the help of US coalition forces. Now the airbase is under the control of US led coalition forces that are preparing for assault on the Mosul to regain the control of the city of Mosul. The sensitive situation when coalition forces are preparing for assault on Mosul that is the operational headquarters of the militants, why the militants are busy in the useless activities. But it could be more dangerous to consider it useless activities because they know what they are doing.


The wars analysts say the security forces should keep close eye on act of the militants and don’t consider it so light. They must consider it as war strategy because militants don’t have any other work to do in Iraq. Some also believe that it could be a war distracting strategy of militants. They want the Iraq security forces and coalition forces consider it as a big war strategy and waste their energies on thinking about it and they might do something else. ISIS also banned the internet services din Mosul for common people.

The internet facilities are not available for common people in Mosul now. Even ISIS militants don’t have internet facilities in the Mosul expect the major media cell of militants that is buy in the promotion ISIS in the world. They are updating the world about latest activities in the Mosul and its surroundings to their members in the other countries of the world.

Some people say that destruction of the media cell of militants is not a problem for US and coalition forces, so why it is allowing them to promote their stuff in the world? The answer is just to know their possible strategies.

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