Popular Crowd Achieved Great Victories in 2015 and will Liberate Entire Iraq in 2016: Al Assadi



A spokesman for the Popular Crowd Forces Naazim Al Assadi issued a statement that the popular crowd forces would not withdraw any power from the Iraqi territory.

He added that Popular Crowd Forces have achieved a number of great victories in the last year 2015. He said that we are hopeful that 2016 will be the year of liberation and we will kick out or eliminate Daash organization from Iraqi land. Assadi added in his press statement that we have a powerful force in the popular crowd and our forces are increasing their strength by adding new volunteers in order to retake occupied land of Iraq.

He further added that our recent operations took place in Baiji, Ramadi. He also pointed out that we have handsome amount of volunteers and warrior people in the crowd. Our forces are well equipped and armed with human and logistical support, and we will be able to liberate the Mosul in next seven days. He added that popular crowd forces were very small in amount at the start and we didn’t have any kind of powerful human and logistical capabilities. Now, we have a great potential so we have made remarkable achievements with forceful victories in the last quarter of 2015. He also pointed out that Daash organization and a number of militant groups are still there in various places in Mosul and Fallujah, but we will destroy and eliminate them very soon.

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