President has given Go Ahead to Hang 36 ISIS Fighters


The media reports show that Iraq will hang 36 ISIS militants in the following week. The militants killed 1700 Iraq soldiers on the bank of the river. The president of Iraq has signed on the death penalty warrants of such militants without caring the protests from human rights agencies. The 12th June was a black day for those Iraqi soldiers who were killed by the militants in 2014.

The soldiers that survived in this killing tell the stories how their friends were packed and taken to the river to kill. One of them said militants were telling them they will return to their homes soon and took them to the land of death. All of them were shot lined up on the bank of a river. They were asked to lay in the mass grave on the bank of the nearby river and round up at once.

They were just cadets and not the trained soldiers to face ISIS fighters. Therefore they could not protest against them in the way it should be. Moreover they did not know what is going to happen in the next moment. The cadets were not expecting the deaths because militants were continually telling them that they will be released soon and they will be able to go back to their home. The court has given order to hang up those militants. The total number of militants that were involved in the killing was 40 out of which 36 are arrested.


The human rights watch requested Iraq government to provide legal assistance to the terrorists arrested by government of Iraq. Human rights believe that security forces need to provide solid evidence that all of those people were involved in the killing. The security forces believe that all of the militants were arrested by intelligence operations in the country and all of them were recognized by the video evidence available in different media footage.

The army cadets that were captured and later murdered by militants were judged by Shia and Sunni Muslim while killing. The ISIS militants made two sectors of cadets to attempt killing. The sectors were known as Shiite and Sunni sector. They judged the cadets on different prospective whether they are Shiite or Sunni Muslim. They only killed Shiite Muslims during this killing attempt.

The president of Iraq said we have only parameter to judge the prisoner. We just want to know whether they are ISIS militants or not. If they are militants, the death is their fate. He said no any other evidence is required to precede their cases in the courts. The parents of the cadets praised the decision of president.

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