Protesters captured Iraqi Parliament in the Green Zone


Baghdad’s most secured Green Zone has been broken by angry protesters on Saturday morning. The storm of protesters has reached at the building of Iraqi Parliament.

The protesters showed their anger due to Iraqi Political blocs and lawmakers failed to approve new independent ministers for Iraqi cabinet. Thrilled supporters of Muqtada Al-Sadr have entered in the main session hall of Iraqi Parliament. They started shouting and delivered their expressions that their leader had pointed out the administrative corruption. They were demanding a new and independent Iraqi cabinet of ministers. The Iraqi capital was on a high alert due to major Shiite mission participated and this mission was targeted in a bombing incident on Saturday in which at least 23 people have been killed.

Green Zone

The Iraqi government and security agencies have taken a number of extra security measures after storm of protesters in the Green Zone. The protesters shouted and delivered their feelings to members of Iraqi Parliament and said “This is your last day and you will not stay here anymore”. Thousands of protesters invaded in the Green Zone and Iraqi Parliament. The Green Zone has been considered the most sensitive area due to a number of important buildings including the Presidential Palace, the Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister and a number of embassies including the British and the U.S embassies. Protesters pulled down the concrete blast walls by cables and entered in the Green Zone. They attacked on the Iraqi Parliament and some protesters invaded in the Iraqi Parliament. The protesters were shouting “peacefully, peacefully”, but they continued destruction of offices inside the Parliament building.

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