Putin Threatened Turkey for Terrible Outcome for Dropping Russian Fighter Jet




On Tuesday, the Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened the Turkish government after the incident of hit the Russian fighter jet by Turkish Air Force.

Vladimir Putin issued a statement that shot down the Russian air plane is determined a blow to the back and we are one of the coalition parties cooperating in the war against terrorism. He stressed that we will investigate and analyze the situation and condition of this incident that why Turkish fighter jets shot down one of our fighter plane.

He added that this unexpected incident could bring terrible outcome in relations with Turkey. He said that our Russian fighter jet was on a pre-emptive operation against ISIS and Daash on a mountainous ground field. He explained that our fighter jet was a kilometer away from the border of Turkey, but it was shot down by Turkish fighter jet or with missiles. He said that our investigation teams are processing and we will find the original factors and then we will decide our next strategy.

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