Qatar calls on the UAE to desist from “distorting” its country’s reputation


Qatar’s Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman said on Tuesday that his country’s response to the demands sent by Arab countries to Doha via Kuwait would be part of the preservation of Qatari sovereignty and called on the UAE to stop defaming its country.

“His country’s response to the Arab demands, which was handed over to Kuwait, comes within the framework of respect for the sovereignty of states,” he said during a joint press conference with his German counterpart Zygmar Gabriel. “Doha has shown good faith and good initiative. Legal. “He also asked the UAE to stop” discrediting Qatar. ”

“The diplomatic row in the Gulf region between Qatar and its neighbors gives the whole region a chance to work together to escalate its war on terrorism financing,” Foreign Minister Ziegmargabriel told reporters in the UAE.

Qatar has been subject to a diplomatic and economic blockade by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt. The four countries have asked the Doha government to implement its demands on Doha, including reducing relations with Iran, closing a Turkish military base in Qatar, Funded by the Government of Qatar.

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