Qatar supported “armed groups” in the region, including Iraq


The State of Qatar has been involved in the financing of terrorist activities for $ 64.2 billion from 2010 to 2015, according to sources close to the ruling regime in Doha.

The newspaper pointed out that “Riyadh has documents to prove the involvement of Doha in support of the violence and terrorism in the region These documents reached Saudi Arabia during the reign of the late King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, including what I got during the past two years.”

“Qatar allocated $ 7.6 billion to fund terrorist operations in 2010, and the figure rose to $ 10.4 billion in 2011, before jumping to $ 11.4 billion in 2012,” the paper said, quoting the unnamed source.

In 2013, Qatar increased its financial support for terrorist operations to $ 12.2 billion, jumping to $ 12.6 billion in 2014 before shrinking to 9.9 in 2015.

The State of Qatar has consistently supported extremist groups and terrorists in more than one country in the region and beyond. The most prominent aspect of this support is financial support and political cover for these groups.

Several Western reports have suggested that Qatar is the largest country in the region to turn a blind eye to providing funding to extremist and terrorist groups, although its domestic laws criminalize such practices.

The support dates back to 2008 when Qatari Khalifa Mohammed Turki al-Subaie provided financial support to Pakistani Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, a leader of al-Qaeda and the mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, the Telegraph newspaper reported.

The US Treasury Department accused Salim Hassan Khalifa Rashid al-Kuwari, 37, of transferring hundreds of thousands of dollars to al-Qaeda through a terrorist financing network.

According to US documents, al-Kuwari worked with another Qatari, Abdullah Ghanem al-Khawar, 33, to manage a financing network that supports terrorist groups and confirms Khawar’s contribution to the release of al-Qaeda members in Iran.

Among the blacklisted names in the United States and the United Nations, Abdul Rahman bin Omair al-Nuaimi, accused of transferring $ 1.5 million a month to al-Qaeda in Iraq, and 375 thousand pounds to al Qaeda in Syria.

Among the names, Abdel Aziz bin Khalifa Al-Attiyah, a cousin of the former Qatari foreign minister, has already been convicted in a Lebanese court of financing international terrorist organizations and is linked to al Qaeda leaders.

Lebanese media reported that Al-Attiyah met in May 2012 with Omar al-Qatari and Shadi al-Mulawi, two al-Qaeda leaders, who gave them thousands of dollars.

The department is expanded to include residents in Qatar engaged in suspicious activities that the Qatari authorities turn over to fund terrorist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as groups in Asia, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

The country’s support for the Brotherhood was not limited to its territory, but included groups emanating from it in Turkey, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon and Libya.

Qatar’s financial support to terrorist groups has extended to the “victory front” in both Syria and Lebanon, making the terrorist-classified group look like a “diagonal arm.”

In Libya, Qatar has supported several terrorist figures, including the cleric “Siddiq Qatar” Ali al-Salabi, Abdul Hakim Belhadj, a former al-Qaeda operative, Abdul Basit Guelleh, known terrorist elements and businessmen.

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