Rasheed Bank will increase its branches in the country


The director of Rasheed Bank issued a statement that Rasheed Bank is looking to increase and magnify its branches.

He added that the Bank is also looking to enhance the application of banking system. The statement issued by the Director General of Rasheed Bank that the Director of Rasheed Bank, Rashid Khudair arranged a detailed meeting with the Director General, director of departments and the heads of units. They discussed the important issues regarding the development in their business of banking.


The statement indicated that the manager of Rasheed Bank also confirmed a number of recommendations and the major elements to apply in order to apply the international banking system. They also stressed in opening more branches of Rasheed Bank in various provinces in the country in order to provide much better banking services to Iraqi citizen. They also discussed all the expected obstacles and hurdles that are preventing the performance in banking systems. They stressed to take major steps to facilitate the labor banking market in order to contribute in the advancement of Iraqi banking sector. It would also boost up the Iraqi economy and move the economic wheel towards betterment.

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