Reasons of Lawsuit Filed against Haider Al Abadi


Iraqi Prime Minister

On Saturday, the Vice-President of Iraqi republic submitted a lawsuit against the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi in the administrative court.

This lawsuit filed because the Iraqi Prime Minister terminated the posts of Vice-President according to the implementation of the administrative reform package. He said that the Federal Court is under the Presidency and they cannot decide that decision of Haider Al Abadi is according to the constitution or not. Nuri Al Maliki is struggling very hard to get back the post of Vice-President.

A committee member Nassif issued a press statement that the Iraqi Federal court doesn’t have the appropriate powers in order to decide that the decision of Iraqi Prime Minister regarding termination of the posts of Vice-President of Iraqi Republic is according to the Iraqi constitution or not. He pointed out that we asked the President of Iraq that there should be at least one constitution regarding this issue. It is also said that this issue has been forwarded by submitting a file of lawsuit to the administrative court against the Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi for the termination of three posts of Vice-President. It should be taken into consideration because it belongs to their career and Al Abadi doesn’t have the right to take this kind of decisions.

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