Rejected the selection of Al-Abadi for New Iraqi Finance Minister


The spokesman of Iraqi Finance Committee Masood Haider Rustam issued a press statement that members of the Finance Committee were not agreed on the selection of Al-Abadi regarding the new nominated candidate for the Head of Iraqi Ministry of Finance.

The members of Iraqi Finance Committee have rejected the nomination of new technocrat Ali Abdel Amir Allawi as the Minister of Iraqi Finance Minister. The major reason is that he was at a ministerial post in the previous government. He added that members of finance committee are looking for an honest and competent candidate. Haider Rustam added that all members of Iraqi Finance CommitteMinistry_of_Finance_logo_(Iraq)e have voted against the selection of Al-Abadi for nomination of Amir Allawi as the new Iraqi Finance Minister.


He stressed that most of the members in the Iraqi finance committee have refused the selection of Amir Allawi and voted against him in the House of Representatives. Point to be noted that Iraqi parliamentary committees were called to evaluate after a complete study of their biography regarding the selected candidates by Al-Abadi. He pointed out that eight members out of fourteen members of Finance Committee have voted against Amir Allawi for new Iraqi Finance Minister. It is important that the candidate for the post of Iraqi Finance Minister Ali Abdel Amir Allawi has served as the Minister of Finance, Minister of Trade and Iraqi Minister of Defense in the former Iraqi governments.

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