Renewal of Ration Cards stopped for Iraqi Citizens, not for all Iraqis: Commerce Ministry


On Saturday, the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce has declared that it has not yet decided to postpone or stop the ration card for all the Iraqi people, but renewal of ration card might be suspended for specific Iraqi citizens.

It is a conflict to the preferred regulations in dealing with the ration card system and this major system includes at least 38 million Iraqi people. The information office of the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce issued a statement that the Ministry of Commerce is concerned to find out big names that were met to the level of reconstruction in the 80s and earlier due to there are a large number of deaths. Those deaths were not excluded from the ration card records centers, as it is considered heavy wastage of public money.

The statement further indicated that the Commerce Ministry suspended the process of ration card renewal processing for those Iraqi citizens reached 96 years and above age. This decision was taken due to a large number of deaths which were identified or reported by the Health Ministry, Health Center or Iraqi Ministry of Interior to review or by the staff of ration card records centers. It is also said that the audit process or the suspend decision doesn’t refer to cutting the ration card, but these checks would cover a very large renewal for those that are very similar in names. The rehabilitation process would make sure that ration card holder is real and alive then renewal process to be done naturally, but if discovered the presence of violation or death of a card holder then legal action will be taken to stop his specific ration card in order to reduce the wastage of public money.

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