Russia has delivered more dangerous Secret Weapon TU-214R to Syria


On Tuesday, Russia has delivered most disastrous secret weapons to Syria in order to discover anything that is happening in the region.

The Russian support arrived at the Syrian Humaimam air base by a Russian plane. This Russian airplane is dominated as Russian intelligence TU-214 R Spy Plane and this weapon is considered a Spy Plane according to its type. The military experts also said that these types of airplanes have the capabilities to control the entire situation in the region. This plane is well equipped with radar and it can operate in all kinds of weather conditions by using its systems and optical sensors.

A Russian newspaper “ossiiskaya GAzeta” also stated that this plane can be used to identify the positions of enemies and it can also work if the enemies are hidden and can find camouflaged troops. Advanced equipment mounted in the plane allow capturing images and making High-definition videos using its latest Infrared Spectroscopy technology. This plane has the capability to capture waves that are dropping on cell phones and other various equipment that are being used during the talk such as wireless and satellite communications.

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