Russia is Planning to Cut the Cables on the Seabed: U.S Officials


Internet CablesThe newspaper ‘New York Times’ reported that U.S officials are much worried about the presence of Russian submarines and spy ships near cables under the sea, because these cables carry most of the data transferring of the global internet connections.

The U.S officials are predicting that Russians are planning to cut these cables, but it is considered that it is due to increasing Russian military activities all over the world.

The newspaper stated on behalf of the U.S naval commanders and some officials of the intelligence as they are saying that they are observing increasing military activities by the Russian forces. These cables laid from the North Sea to the North East Asia and connect the United States to the world.

A spokesman of the U.S Navy, Commander William Marks said in his press statement that we are hearing about the ineffectiveness telecommunication cables in any of the state and if we discover such kind of problem then it would be an alarming situation. But, due to the secret and sensitive nature of submarine operations he didn’t discuss more about it. The United States followed closely to the Russian spy ship ‘Aantar’ in the previous month.

This spy ship is armed with small self-thrown weapons and it was sailing in the direction of Cuba near the east coast of the United States and it is more concerning issue for United States because Guantanamo U.S Naval base cable is very near at that point. It is important these cables are commercially active worldwide and more than 95 percent of daily combinations moving through these cables, and its cost is more than 10 trillion U.S dollars.

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