Russian Plane Interrupted by another Plane before Crash: Russian Official


RAK Airways

It is not permitted to leave out in the cold any conclusion of the investigation attached with the Russian plane crash in Sinai. The interference of any kind of terrorist activity can be involved in this incident. The Deputy Manager of the company Avia Koogalim issued a statement that plane was completely perfect internally, but the plane faced some kind of external problem.

On Monday 2nd November 2015, a spokesman Dmitry Peskov issued a press statement on behalf of the Russian President Vladimir Putin that we are currently not in such a position to give any kind of correct statement regarding Russian plane crash in Sinai because there are a number of factors that can be involved in this incident.

This case is under investigation and we should wait to find the original reason for this major loss. Any kind of improvement regarding this incident including suggestions and expectations would not be neglected. The Deputy General Manager of Avia Koogalim Company also said that we have some information regarding interaction of another plane caused this major disaster. We have evidence that another plane interrupted our passenger plane in the middle of the air before hit on the ground. We are also considering any kind of terrorist activity caused a massive loss. But correct statement will be issued after the completion of investigation process.

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