Sabri attacks Amiri and praises the “wisdom” of Abadi


The leader of the Dawa party, Mohammed al-Saabri, on Wednesday attacked the head of the Badr Organization Hadi al-Amiri, commenting on his recent remarks in which he won the popular rally, hailing the wisdom of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in dealing with the events and easing internal and external tension.

“It is enough to bid on the blood of the martyrs of the popular crowd,” said Saabri, noting that “the purpose of these statements at this time is early propaganda to run for elections.” Referring to the head of the Badr Organization Hadi al-Amiri

He added that “Amiri’s remarks are nothing but misrepresentations and tribulations on the grief and sorrows of the families of the martyrs of the popular crowd,” noting that it is shameful to overtake Prime Minister Haider Abadi and liken the dialogue between them as “the game of cat and mouse.”

Al-Saabri stressed that “the crowd liberated the land only, but the offer was released, especially as they sacrificed themselves for the sake of the homeland.” He pointed out that “Abadi has achieved achievements not achieved by his predecessors, where he received the government in difficult circumstances, but he worked with wisdom and balance, .

“He did not follow the approach of the” leader of necessity “but worked to reduce tension at the internal and external levels, while explaining,” We did not see Ibn Abadi return an airplane and did not prepare a large number of publications in spite of his office. ”

Al-Amiri said in a televised interview that the prime minister “put a veto on entering the crowd to the city of Tal Afar,” explaining that the leaders of the crowd tried to convince Abbadi that liberating the areas surrounding the judiciary without entering its center would expose the crowd forces to the risk of fire elements The organization of the preachers stationed in Tal Afar, an intolerable drain. “They asked us to understand the situation, but he did not,” he said. Amiri accused Abadi of using a “double standard policy in dealing with the popular crowd.”

He added that “the popular crowd does not want to play with Abadi game cat and mouse,” noting that “Abadi gave orders in 2016 with the participation of the popular crowd in the battles of Karma and Saqlawiya, but to prevent our entry into Fallujah.”

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