Salim Al-Jubouri met with MPs of Protesters without notice


Our authentic source confirmed that Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Salim Al-Jubouri met with the representatives of the protesters in the Iraqi House of Representatives.

Our source confirmed on the behalf of the MP Mishan Jubouri that the Head of the Iraqi House of Representatives Salim Al-Jubouri met with MPs of the protesters in the House of Representatives without making any planning. MP Mishan Jubouri also indicated in his official Facebook page that Salim Al-Jubouri unexpectedly met with MPs that are supporting protesters. He added that Al-Jubouri was in the cafeteria of Iraqi Parliament and he asked those MPs to sit with him. Mishan Jubouri said that I was also there and Iraqi Speaker invited me to join the meeting, so I also attended this unofficial meeting in the cafeteria of Iraqi Parliament.

Salim Al Jabouri

Mishan Jubouri added that Salim Al-Jubouri discussed with MPs that he also received warning and some people threatened to kill. Al-Jubouri said that investigation announced for this threat and result would mention the factors behind this threat. It is important that all supporter MPs of protesters in the House of Representative said that they are not authorized to speak with him regarding any issue because the protests are currently on its way and we are unable to sit with you. Point to be noted that Muqtada Al-Sadr also announced members for the new cabinet of ministers.

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