Samarrai prevented him from holding the referendum of Independence


On Wednesday, retired Lieutenant General Wafik Samarrai called to arrest the president of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani and tried to prevent him from conducting the referendum process.

“If the referendum is unconstitutional, it means that Massoud will be subject to the law, if the constitution does not contradict the UN legislation,” Samarrai said in a leaflet on his Facebook page, read by Sky Press. So it is assumed not to be preoccupied with the Khazablut Massoud, which descended from the closure of the doors of parliament to the acceptance of the forced return, according to the terms and subject to the conditions of Sulaymaniyah.

He added that the solution lies in repelling Massayn’s delusions and referring him to the judiciary if he has actually violated the law, issued an arrest warrant, stopped dealing with him, and dealt with the institutions in the region directly. This is an opportunity to end the history of treachery, conspiracy and sabotage. With the least losses, and get rid of it in response to the region and Iraq, “he said.

Al-Samarrai said that “Massoud Barzani will prove ridicule to the extent of irony if the game of war (if started) that it will be in the form of local clashes and a demonstration on provocative screens, as happened in 2013 during the sit-ins of the devastation.”

He added that “the game of war that is absent from his mind will include a plan from all directions very much (very) of the plan of the Union in 1996 when Saddam sought Saddam Hussein on the day of shame 31/8/1996,” pointing out that “he will find himself surrounded by North Shaqlawa and northern Nineveh And will not have a savior and a supporter, and will collapse militias in a few days completely, and of course will be Sulaymaniyah and Baghdad one front even if the circumstances required exile (now).

“Then, let him understand this message and let the prosecution and the government figure out what to take, with our wishes to go to reason and peace and stop the crack of the head.

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