Samarrai reveals the negotiations “Saddam Hussein” and “Barzani” on the rights of the Kurds


The retired Lieutenant General Wafik al-Samarrai revealed special details related to the negotiations held by the former regime president Saddam Hussein with the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani in 1991, during which he talked about the rights of the Kurds in Iraq.

“In 1991, Masoud told me in Baghdad: Abu Nawar’s brother, if the president gave us 5 percent of our rights, we would agree,” al-Samarrai said in a leaflet on his Facebook page, during which he discussed a number of issues.

Al-Samarrai talked about the file of financial and administrative corruption in Iraq and the relationship of the political class to him and the talk about his suicides, because he responded by saying: “Where did lawyers and corrupt judges from the corrupt protectors who had been falsely told that they decided to file suit against us for failure and corruption? Massoud for endangering the safety of Iraq and its cooperation with Saddam and the bulldozing of Arab villages. ”

“As a result of the Western and Turkish rejection of the referendum, which we are not against in principle, and its terrible failure in marketing its project, the strong Iranian flagging, the split of the local Kurdish situation, the rupture with the Syrian Kurds, and the fear of terror to the formations of the strike To the vast masses, especially those receiving exceptional support, and received special mountain training, whose information was deliberately leaked to Massoud, with the search for a technical way out of the face water to return (but no longer) My photo), because without it the rate of participation Shallow), but the second alternative or alternative exit is the ways of the door of Baghdad, as the ways before the subject before the fall, and as the doors of Karaj and Muhamad in Iran by the ”

“The very difficult option is to go ahead with a suicide project that will lead to the escape to Israel because it is the only one who publicly supported his project and supported his father since 1973,

He replied, “Let me confess to you that his father, who was subjected to the Shah and fled and gave up, was very strong compared to Masoud, except for his terrible defeat after the Algiers agreement between Iraq and Iran in 1975, where his strength and dispersion of 100,000 fighters was squandered. “The fighting, despite the siege and the scarcity of resources, is strikingly astounding, and I participated in a visit to the camps of 107,000 displaced people to Iran at that time (1975) and realized the desperation that surrounded them.”

Not only oil is south, not the flow of men from the south and center to liberate Mosul alone, but even the rain comes on (all) Iraq from the south, and all the other clouds False and disintegrating “.

He concluded by saying, “God does not bless Bn’btahi Baghdad if embraced.”

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